3D Cellular Models: Revitalizing Phenotypic Screening

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Knowledge source name 3D Cellular Models: Revitalizing Phenotypic Screening
Owner/Developer Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Country United States of America
Languages English
URL http://www.worldpreclinicalcongress.com/3D-Cellular-Models/
Description Inadequate representation of the human tissue environment during a preclinical screen can result in inaccurate predictions of compound effects. Thus, pharmaceutical investigators are searching for preclinical models that closely resemble original tissue for predicting clinical outcome. Three-dimensional cell culture recapitulates normal and pathological tissue architectures that provide physiologically relevant models to study normal development and disease. However, challenges remain for high-throughput screening as researchers must procure large numbers of identical 3D cell cultures, develop assays and obtain fast, automated readouts from these more complex assays. Join cell biologists, tissue engineers, assay developers, screening managers and drug developers at Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s second annual 3D Cellular Models: Revitalizing Phenotypic Screening conference as they discuss strategies that accelerate the identification of novel therapeutic leads.
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