EpiSkin Biotech License helps China to Advance Cosmetics without Animal Testing

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Knowledge source name EpiSkin Biotech License helps China to Advance Cosmetics without Animal Testing
Owner/Developer Human Society International
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Country United States of America
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URL http://www.hsi.org/news/press_releases/2014/10/episkin-china-biotech-license-100614.html
Contact email whiggins@hsi.org
Description Chinese authorities have granted a license for Shanghai EpiSkin Biotechnology Ltd to market its reconstructed human skin model. The development is hailed by Humane Society International’s China team as an important step towards enabling domestic cosmetics companies to replace animal tests with modern in vitro methods, and in so doing, take advantage of the very latest research technologies in product safety. Since China’s Food and Drug Administration introduced regulatory reforms in July, Chinese companies producing ordinary cosmetics no longer need to test finished products on animals, allowing for a substantial reduction in animal testing. The next step will be to increase the availability, uptake and acceptance of new in vitro technologies, and the licensing of EpiSkin marks an important step towards that goal.
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