Kirkstall Ltd

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Knowledge source name Kirkstall Ltd
Owner/Developer Kirkstall Ltd
Country United Kingdom
Languages English, French
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Description Kirkstall was founded in November 2006 by Dr J Malcolm Wilkinson and is now based in Rotherham, UK, in an area with a strong manufacturing base and transport links. The company has an exclusive world-wide licence to patented cell culture technology from the University of Pisa (Italy). The technology is the outcome of over 10 years of research by an interdisciplinary research team in Pisa. Kirkstall has developed this research into a commercially available inter-connected cell culture system, which can be set up so that it mimics the human metabolism, resulting in high quality, rather than just high throughput screening.
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Category Organization
Sub categories Biotech Company, Contract Research Organization, Services
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Dissemination channel Website
Targeted audience (specified/objective analysis) Scientists, Industry, Researchers
Users access Open access
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3Rs relevance Replacement, Reduction
Purpose Toxicological and safety evaluation, Fundamental studies, Method development, Education and training
Technology/Tools Alternative test methods (in vitro), Stem cells, Non-testing methods (in silico), Tissue engineering