In silico pharmacology: drug design and discovery’s gate to the future

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Knowledge source name In silico pharmacology: drug design and discovery’s gate to the future
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Country United States of America
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Description Introduction of new drugs and novel therapeutic solutions is a long and costly process (Myers and Baker2001; DiMasi et al.,2003). Traditionally, pharmacologists strive to optimize and accelerate this process by developing new in vivo and in vitro investigation strategies. However, the last decades have been witnessing the rise of alternative research models, the so-called in silico approaches, using computational environments as their experimental laboratories. [...] Despite the increasing interest in this field of research, publication platforms with dedicated agenda to in silico pharmacology are missing. With the launch of our journal, we aim to fill this gap and provide a forum for interdisciplinary research articles that specifically address computational approaches in drug-design and multi-scale analysis of bioactive substances from the cellular up to behavioral level.
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