Alternative Toxicological Methods for the New Millennium

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Knowledge source name Alternative Toxicological Methods for the New Millennium
Owner/Developer Informa Healthcare
Country United Kingdom
Languages English
Description Alternative Toxicological Methods brings together the recent and relevant contributions of over 125 scientists from government, industry, and academia in North American, the U.K., and Western Europe for meeting the needs for developing and validating replacement, reduction, and refinement alternatives to animal testing. These internationally recognized scientists present what has been accomplished thus far in developing acceptable alternatives to traditional animal toxicological assessment as well as providing potentially new initiatives. This is done in 44 chapters focusing on seven themes.
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Category Publication
Sub categories Book / Textbook
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Dissemination channel Website, Printed
Targeted audience (specified/objective analysis) Researchers, Scientists, Regulators, Industry
Users access Fee-based access
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3Rs relevance Replacement, Reduction, Refinement
Purpose Toxicological and safety evaluation, Method development, Documentation and information, Regulatory testing, Validation
Technology/Tools Alternative test methods (in vitro), Tissue engineering