European Xenopus Resource Centre

Knowledge Source Identification
Knowledge source name European Xenopus Resource Centre
Abbreviated name EXRC
Owner/Developer Wellcome Trust, BBSRC and NC3Rs
Country United Kingdom
Languages English
Contact email
Description The European Xenopus Resource Centre (EXRC) is situated in Portsmouth, United Kingdom and provides tools and services to so to support researchers using Xenopus models. Funded by the Welcome Trust, NERC and BBSRC. The EXRC depends on researchers to obtain and deposit Xenopus transgenic and mutant lines, Xenopus in-situ hybridization clones, Xenopus specific antibodies and other resources with the centre. EXRC staff perform quality assurance testing on these reagents and then makes them available to the community at cost.
Knowledge Source Category
Category Organization
Sub categories Services
Knowledge Dissemination and Sharing
Dissemination channel Website, Forum / Blog
Targeted audience (specified/objective analysis) Researchers, Scientists
Users access Open access
Knowledge Characterization
3Rs relevance Refinement
Purpose Documentation and information
Technology/Tools Animal testing (in vivo)