Human Toxicology Project Consortium

Knowledge Source Identification
Knowledge source name Human Toxicology Project Consortium
Abbreviated name HTPC
Country United States of America
Languages English
Description The Human Toxicology Project Consortium is a group of stakeholders from corporate and public interest communities that share the goal of advancing a biological pathway-based approach to toxicology, as described in the National Research Council's 2007 report, "Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century." The Consortium works to increase financial support and incentives to advance the science and technology behind pathway-based toxicology, and works to facilitate public and regulatory acceptance of predominantly in vitro and in silico toxicity testing.
Knowledge Source Category
Category Organization
Sub categories Non-Governmental Organization
Knowledge Dissemination and Sharing
Dissemination channel Website, E-mail, Social media
Targeted audience (specified/objective analysis) Scientists, Regulators, Industry
Users access Open access
Knowledge Characterization
3Rs relevance Replacement, Reduction
Purpose Method development, Funding, Education and training, Documentation and information
Technology/Tools Alternative test methods (in vitro), Non-testing methods (in silico)