Applied In Vitro Toxicology

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Knowledge source name Applied In Vitro Toxicology
Owner/Developer Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishers
Country United States of America
Languages English
Description Applied In Vitro Toxicology is a new peer-reviewed journal providing the latest research on the application of alternative in vitro testing methods for predicting adverse effects in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and personal care industries. This Journal aims to address important issues facing the various chemical industries, including regulatory requirements; the reduction, refinement, and replacement of animal testing; new screening methods; evaluation of new cell and tissue models; and the most appropriate methods for assessing safety and satisfying regulatory demands. The Journal also delivers the latest views and opinions of developers of new models, end users of the models, academic laboratories that are inventing new tools, and regulatory agencies in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Australia and Asia.
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Category Publication
Sub categories Journal
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Dissemination channel Website, Printed
Targeted audience (specified/objective analysis) Researchers, Scientists, Regulators
Users access Open access, Restricted access
Knowledge Characterization
3Rs relevance Replacement, Reduction
Purpose Documentation and information
Technology/Tools Alternative test methods (in vitro)