Eurofins Biolab srl

Knowledge Source Identification
Knowledge source name Eurofins Biolab srl
Owner/Developer Eurofins Scientific
Country Italy
Languages English
Contact email
Description The Eurofins Group provides testing, certification, and consulting on the quality and safety of products to manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Our expertise encompasses a multitude of national and international specifications and regulations. The Group applies the highest technical standard to ensure impartial testing and independent judgement. Eurofins' international network can support you in designing individually tailored testing programs, and is able to give advice on how to interpret and use the results obtained. Eurofins Biolab Milan is EU-NETVAL member.
Knowledge Source Category
Category Organization
Sub categories Consultancy, Contract Research Organization, Services
Knowledge Dissemination and Sharing
Dissemination channel Website
Targeted audience (specified/objective analysis) Industry
Knowledge Characterization
3Rs relevance Replacement, Reduction, Refinement
Purpose Regulatory testing, Toxicological and safety evaluation, Production and quality control, Efficacy testing, Validation
Legislative framework REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006
Technology/Tools Alternative test methods (in vitro), Non-testing methods (in silico), Animal testing (in vivo), Omics, Tissue engineering, Analytics